The Trust will perform all its activities without any discrimination of community, caste and Religion as given below ::

I) The Trust will indulge in all the activities moving around, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Technical Schools, Industrial Schools, Boarding 8c Lodging, Colleges, Libraries, School for aged people, Training institute etc to increase the level of education among backward communities and all other communities. The trust will try its best to establish such above given institutes and will operate them accordingly.

(ii) The Trust will provide help in providing Scholarships, Books, Notebooks, Clothes and Cash financial aid to poor or blight 8c deserving students.

(iii) The Trust will provide or help in providing foods and clothes to poor and backward class.

(iv) The Trust will always be ready to help the victims of natural disasters like Earthquake, floods and provide them all the possible assistance in performing the social welfare work for social course.

(v) The Trust will establish Medical centers, Medical Clinic for provide medical assistance to poor and needy people of the community including supply medicines with affordable rates. The Trust will also arrange Medical camps like Blood Donation, Eye Donation and all Disease Diagnosis Camp etc.

(vi) The Trust will establish the facilities of Boarding and Lodging for blind people, physically crippled old aged people, orphans, widows and such other needy people so that they could survive and live their life with dignity. The Trust will help others in these activities and will provide them full cooperation.

(vii) The Trust will establish Animal Centers, Cow Camps, Cattle Camps for the benefits of all the needy Animals of the surrounded area including supply of protection, food, water and medicine. The trust will construct like Drinking Water Tanks for animals like Crippled, Unwell, and dejected ones. The Trust will supply all above given animal welfare activities specially veterinary clinic to help unwell animals.

(viii) The Trust will provide platforms and water pots to feed birds and also provide water tanks for animals to drink.

(ix) The Trust will do his best to Educate small and poor Farmers regarding Agriculture and Farming guidance through Agriculture experts by personal visits, arranging seminars and opening of Agricultural centers and educating the farmers about tools and machines for seed, fertilizers, chemicals, medicines and better ways of farming, Informing time to time about the reforms and facilities available by the Government for them.

(x) The Trust is willing to establish a Department of Nursery and brief them about the Plantation of Trees and their growth to keep the environment Clean and Healthy all the time.

(xi) The Trust will perform the work if the Schemes of Government Such as Water Supply, Draining road paths, Water reservations etc are handed over to them.

(xii) To create full awareness to the Ladies section of the people, The Trust will develop and start Girls Schools, Library for Girl, Ladies Welfare Center, Sewing classes, Semi Cottage Industrial homes, Cottage Industries, Pickle Industries, Papad Industries, Hand Looms, Machine Looms, Embroidery Classes etc.

(xiii) To Create Patriotism among the young boys and girls, The Trust will arrange the Sports events to promote the games like Kabbadi , Cricket, Khohhoo, Volleyball , Football and such other activity oriented games. The events like Tournaments will be arranged for healthy competitions between them, Caps, Trophies & Shields will be awarded to the winners. The young players will enjoy travelling, site seeing during the Game events at different localities. To Help this process players will be prepared & trained enough to take part in Tournaments of the Higher Level. The trust will encourage the players by awarding then Cash Prizes, Certificates. The Trust will do exactly the same as mentioned about for the games like Chess, ludo Karate, Swimming etc.