About Us

In  the  beginning   of  the  Trust  A  massive  programme   was  organized by  large   section   of  Buddhist   people   in Rajkot, Gujarat ,  to  celebrate  the  Birthday  of   Lord   Mahatma   Buddha at   Budhfilar Monastery  in   Nagpur, Maharashtra.  This  is  the  Historic  Budhvihar  complex  founded  &  created  by  the  mammoth  efforts  by  the Legendry Leader Dr. Bhimrao Amedkar in 1956 gathering  over  5  Lacks  of  people  and  laid  the  foundation  stone  over there. We Went there little prior to the birth of  ABBDS  Trust in a shape of large procession of Delegation involving large section of the people and was named as “Bheem Rath” and travelled 4 states of India including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh and managed series of meeting at various stops and forwarded the historic preaching of Mahatma Buddha very close to the various section of the people there, through speeches and by distributing of literature, booklets & brochure over there. At that time the Holy Dust from the KUMBH of the Monastery was taken by the delegates and with Holy Dust in their hand the concept of creating a new organization named ‘Akita. Bhartya Baudh Dhamm Sangh”. The above mentioned Holy Dust preserved beside the Statue of Lord Buddha in Amedkar Nagar, Rajkot, Gujarat. Trust declared the willingness to develop a small Nagpur Budh Vihar Complex in Rajkot with atleast .75 ft Diameter Doom. The Trust found out a piece of Land at Kankot near Mota Mauva, Rajkot with Survey No: 180 in Rajkot. In this regard the practical steps were taken by the office bearers of the Trust. For the Budh Thar complex to be built in Rajkot the trust started correspondence with the concerned authorities in Government of Gujarat. They made series of meetings with authorized personnel but sorry to say that we couldn’t get success there. We have not given up. Lord Buddha is great. We believe in Lord Buddha and the strength of followers of Lord Buddha around the globe. We are sure with the help of these followers we would be able to purchased the land or a donor or group would donate us the Land for the purpose so that to lay the foundation start there.. We have ultimately come to know through our keen interest in Lord Buddha, Budh Religion and deep survey of various parts of Gujarat State, India, we found out certain activities of the mentioned connectivity, we noted series of excavation were carried out at some places by the Government Department. In the result they found the traces of objects showing civilization Buddhism and Buddhists. Dhoravia in District Kutch and Vardipur in District Bhavnagar and suburbs of Gondal District Rajkot. We know that the land near this location would be ideal place for BUDH VIHAR Complex.

In these memorable photographs The President of the Trust and his wife in vandana bowing with great respect in front of Honorable Bhadant Nagarjun Surai Sasai at Remleela maidant New Delhi in year 1997. It was the 9th session of Buddha Taira Mufti Andolan, a movement for the freedom of the Legendary place of worship of Buddhist people in Bihar India lead by Badant Nagarjun Surai Sasai. A mammoth gathering multi laces people were there and proud to mention that I was there in New Delhi leading more than six thousand people from Gujarat State India to support the Andolan as “Dhamm Sena“.